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Our quarterly investment outlook covering the financial markets.

In this issue:

  • The Fed and the Economy
  • Fixed Income Review and Outlook
  • Equity Review and Outlook

Market Volatility and the Investor Disadvantage

Researches the impact of market volatility on investor cash flows and the resulting investor disadvantages across asset classes.

Perspectives on Tactical Asset Allocation in Portfolio Construction

Examines the role tactical asset allocation can play in structuring a portfolio.

Rising Interest Rates and Its Impact on Fixed Income

Explores factors impacting fixed income asset classes and sectors.

The Elusive Predictive Powers of Star Ratings

Whether star ratings can be relied upon to predict fund performance.

Survivorship Bias

Why the impact of attrition should be considered when evaluating mutual funds.

Target Date Fund Glide Paths

How target-date fund glide paths are evolving to meet retirement plan participants' needs.

Alternative Beta

Reviews alternative passively managed portfolios, and shows how excess return and/or changes in portfolio risk significantly vary across an array of market capitalization and style.

Karen Chong-Wulff, Managing Vice President, Fixed Income in ICMA-RC's Investments Division, discusses stable value on Asset TV.
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